Top 5 Graphic Design Trends 2023: Case Study 

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Graphic design trends

If you work in the marketing industry you know that trends move with the speed of light. To not get left behind we have done some research and collected the best graphic design trends of 2023 that creatives need to know about. 

From bold color schemes to innovative typography. It seems like the trends this year are set to create a significant impact in the world of digital marketing. 

1. 3D Elements 

Three-dimensional design is becoming increasingly popular, as brands seek to create more immersive experiences for their customers. With the advancements in technology, designers are able to create realistic 3D graphics. Those can be used in a variety of contexts, from product packaging to digital advertisements.  

2. Bold Colors

Get ready for an explosion of bold, vibrant colors in graphic design! This trend is partly driven by the rise of digital media, which allows for more vivid and eye-catching color schemes. From neon hues to jewel tones, bold pink and candy color palettes – enjoy experimenting with vivid and attention-grabbing colors. Together with simple layouts you’ll get a visually pleasing combo! 

3. A touch of Modern Nostalgia 

“Everything old and retro is new again!” Popular graphic design trends of last year, the nostalgic aesthetic, continues to grow and evolve. Say hi to “modern nostalgia” which is all about blending the past and the present to create something new and unique. It is a combination of vintage-inspired elements such as typography, images, colors and patterns, with a modern twist. The result? A familiar and fresh design!  

4. Experimental Fonts

Modern fonts are a cherry to the cake of vintage designs. Feel free to experiment with new font styles and layouts to create unique and impactful designs. We already detected a rise in hand-drawn and custom typography, as brands look for more personalized and authentic ways to speak to their audience. Styles like brutal grunge with hand-drawn elements, gradient colors from the 80s and 90s, and Sans serif fonts are definitely back! 😉 

5. Abstract designs

We use colors, shapes, and textures to communicate and inspire in graphic design. To add to this you can now expect to see even more real-world textures like bubble gum or glass, that give a physical feel to design. This trend goes hand in hand with surreal landscapes and AI generated images. So expect to see a rise in designs that challenge the traditional rules of graphic design and push the boundaries of what is possible. 

Case Study: Our latest Graphic Design Projects

Our team of designers and creative project managers always keep an eye on what’s new in the marketing and design world and incorporate new trends into the work for our clients. 

At KO Agency we were recently challenged with 2 interesting graphic design projects that we are proud to showcase in our portfolio. Each project was approached with a unique perspective and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

“Grandma’s Schnaps”- Branding 

We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to give a distinctive voice and a unique visual form to this 100 year old story. We were engaged with a complete rebrand, including positioning, brand identity and branded materials for the brand of homemade schnaps.

Grandma's schnaps graphic design project
Grandma's schnaps graphic design project

“Mariovo Honey” – Branding 

For 50 years, the Stojanovski family has been producing natural, meadow honey in the old Macedonian village of Zovic, Mariovo. The family entrusted us with a complete rebrand of their staple honey brand. The source of inspiration for this project came from the pristine environment of Mariovo. For this very sweet collaboration we created brand identity and branded materials.

Mariovo honey graphic design project
Mariovo honey graphic design project

To wrap it up 

To conclude, as graphic designers, it’s important to know trends. However, you don’t have to always follow them. Learn to use them as inspiration, combine them, and, last but not least add your unique creative touch. 

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