How to create an attractive Instagram feed and improve your engagement.

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How to create an attractive instagram feed and grab your followers' attention

Kaja Jablanovec, 3. 8. 2022

Imagine this situation. You are scrolling on your phone and come across an interesting Instagram ad. You click on it and end up on the company’s account that turns out to be the most attractive Instagram feed you ever saw. Maybe this brand wouldn’t even interest you, yet the company acquired one new follower with its attractive image. New follower = new potential client.

You only get a few seconds to impress the Instagram users to press “follow”. Now it is maybe already clear to you that your chances are quite lower without the attractive visual appearance.

So how do you create an attractive Instagram feed that will improve your brand engagement? Find out in less than ten minutes by reading this article! 

Start with choosing the right Instagram account type

Instagram allows you to choose from three different types of accounts. Only with the right one you will achieve the desired growth and track the progress. How to choose among personal, creator or business accounts? If your goal is to communicate with clients and build a strong social media presence – the answer is a business account.

Advantages of the business account:

Why is an attractive Instagram feed important for your business?

In 2021 Instagram had 1,2 billion active users. According to official data, 90 % of them follow at least one business account. Do you already have an idea of what we want to tell you with these numbers?

Statista 2022 

Today there is no easier way to connect with potential clients than through this platform. It is time to take advantage of it and add another goal to your marketing strategy: Creating a successful Instagram business account.

1. It all starts with the idea

Maybe you already have an Instagram account, and your posts are not getting enough engagement? Or these are your first steps in the digital world? Whatever your case, you need to start with a good idea.

Use your brand as a source. Think about this – what is your brand identity? What would it be like as a person?

This is a good psychological trick that can help you find your unique brand voice and build your visual story on Instagram feed.

2. From idea to the image

Ok, we have the idea, now what? The next crucial step is to think about all the elements that will come together as a whole and comprise your brand image on Instagram.

By using informative type of posts, you can show your credibility and expertise in the field you work in. If this is your way of building your Instagram feed – don’t hesitate to show all the skills and advantages that will help solve your potential customers’ problems!

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Key elements for successful appearance on Instagram:

– Visual image

What really matters on Instagram are photos. They are your most basic attention-grabbing element. Don’t know how to start? Use our mini guide!

Start with a thorough research. Find out if your competitors are using Instagram and how their feed looks like. Discover how the visual image of the strongest brands in your industry looks like. This is the basis for developing your own unique style! Pinterest is also a good inspiration source.

Mini guide:

1. Take some good photos. You don’t really need a photographer or the most professional equipment – just a bit of knowledge and guidance.
2. Proper lighting, a nice setting and the right background … keep all of this in mind when taking photos! Poor quality photos are a red flag for the followers!
3. The best photos are selected. Now comes the editing part. It will take some extra work to achieve a cohesive and attractive feed.
4. As a cherry on the cake – leave the editing to the designers (with quality graphic design you can forget about good old Instagram filters).

– Typography

Besides quality photos, typography is one of the most important visual design elements in user experience. The font you pick will, together with photos, help to set the tone and mood of your brand.

If you have a “brand book” start from there for your brand image to be perfectly cohesive in all the communication channels.

Play around and find the font that suits you best. However, always stick to these golden rules:
– Choose up to 2 to 3 different fonts,
– Use them consistently for all photos, graphics and videos,
– Use the same font for creating Instagram Stories.

– Color palette

Have you ever come across a really attractive Instagram feed that stole your attention for a while? Here’s the trick!

Most beautiful, successful accounts on Instagram follow a specific color palette. By using images in similar tones, you can build and express your brand identity too. Be adventurous and try using gradients to create even more attractive and eye-catching feed.

Tus drogerija link at 

– Theme

Choosing a theme and a color palette together is a necessary step in building a cohesive and attractive feed. What is more like your brand identity – vibrant or subtle colors?

Capucinne evokes a sense of elegance and minimalism on their feed. You can notice right away that it is a luxurious jewelry brand.

Capucinne link at

3. Use “mood board” to visualize how your Instagram feed will look like

“Mood board? What is this?”

When you start putting your posts together you can use a collage of all the photos and posts you would like to include in a digital or physical form. This is called mood board. There are some handy tools that can help you create it, like Canva or Photoshop if you are more skillful.

Later you can also use some simple planner tools like the Preview App, that helps you to plan your entire feed and rearrange the posts to make sure it looks perfect.

4. Time for fun: Create your attractive Instagram feed!

So far you may think “I can do this”, and this is great. But it will take a while before your Instagram feed will look exactly like you wanted. Be prepared for the effort and time it requires to create a cohesive and attractive image on Instagram that will be overwhelmed with your personality – in visuals and copy.

Case study

For the client Hitri nakup we refreshed the visual image of their Instagram feed and created unique posts that resemble the brand identity.

Hitri nakup is an online supermarket that offers quick and safe online food purchasing. Their target group are mainly moms with a busy schedule, and they are referring to them in the posts. With attractive visual elements, we emphasized key advantages that the client wants to communicate.

One of their advantages are also free recipes for quick and easy meals that users can find on the website. We wanted to show this by creating eye-catching posts that will improve the engagement on the feed.

Consistency is one of the key factors in creating an attractive Instagram feed. Stick to the selected style and post frequently.

Our advice – Three posts a week are optimal for success.

If you stick to our advice, you will be able to see the results in no time. The posts we created for Hitri nakup achieved 200 % higher Instagram reach and the account acquired 32 new followers in one month.

5. Almost at the finish line

Before we wrap it up, we want to give you one more piece of advice. Always use an extra pair of eyes for the final check before you start posting. Make sure that posts are not only attractive but also free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. They drive followers away as well as bad photos!

Have you read all the steps carefully and decided it is best to leave the creation of a successful Instagram feed to professionals? Challenge accepted! Rather than making the posts and planning them in hurry, leave this work to our team of experts. They will carefully follow every step towards the finish line and your attractive Instagram feed that tells your  brand story will be created in no time. 

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