Big Announcement: KO Agency is Entering Croatian Market

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KO Agency entering Croatian Market

We are thrilled to announce that KO Agency is officially entering the Croatian market. We are excited to expand our business and bring our expertise to new clients and partners in the region.

From Strategic Thinking And Planning to Making Bold Moves 

Market expansion is always a bold move that requires a lot of thinking and strategic planning. Our growth strategy was focused on making our services available in new – Croatian market. Therefore, we have took on a strategic approach. Firstly with analyzing our existing channels. Secondly we started planning how we could increase reach and sales in the target market. Lastly, we could start implementing our strategy.

Targeted Ads for Croatian Market

Understanding industry trends is crucial for a creative agency. Our team at KO Agency researched on how to best approach our target market and potential clients. As a result, we have created targeted video ads that showcase our best-performing projects. By providing concrete examples of our work in action, we have been able to gain some quality leads and move forward with our plans.

KO Agency Presents Croatian Website

We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to establishing and growing our business in the Croatian market. Therefore we have already translated our recently refreshed website into Croatian. This will make it easier for our potential clients to understand our services and how we can help them achieve their marketing & scaling goals. 

KO Agency Croatian Market website

 Expanding the KO Agency Team 

We are currently actively seeking a new Regional Sales and Project manager to lead our efforts in the Croatian market, while at the same time stay connected with our team in Slovenia. We are also looking for new partners to collaborate with on exciting new projects. With our proven track record of success and a talented team of professionals, we are confident that we can make a significant impact in the region. 

New Business Opportunities & Global Connections 

As a CEO of a small company, it’s important that you understand the different ways you can support the continued growth and success of your company.

That is why our CEO Jure, is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. Recently he had an opportunity to visit the Institute of Directors in London, where he exchanged ideas and insights about the future of the market and the potential for strengthening international connections between Slovenia and the UK. 

KO Agency at the institute of directors in London as part of our expansion and growth

Let’s see what the future holds for us. For now we will keep planning and working hard to ensure that we are constantly growing and adapting to the ever-changing market. At KO Agency, we are committed to providing Original services on the highest level and driving growth for businesses of all sizes, and we are excited to see where this journey takes us next.

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