6 Instagram marketing trends you need to know in 2022.

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Barbara Potrč,

With every new year, there are many new trends on social media, and instagram is no different. Over the next 12 months, a lot is about to happen on Instagram. Creator-led shopping is set to revolutionize how we shop online, the chronological feed is set to return and we’re about to see a lot more suggested content coming our way.

Here are the six biggest Instagram marketing trends you need to know in 2022:

Trend no.1: The Introduction of Chronological and Suggested Content Feeds

Your eyes are not deceiving you, the chronological feed is making a comeback very soon. That means that a new Home feed is comming that has the option to toggle between a “Suggested For You” and a chronological “Following” feed. Sound familiar? Well, that’s because it is. TikTok has already paved the way with this format, and it clearly works. TikTok is now officially more popular than Instagram amongst US-based Gen Z users.

Trend no.2: Video Formats Will Merge

Instagram already merged IGTV into Feed Videos, but a lot of people bets on a more streamlined Instagram video offering in 2022. With feed videos, Reels, and Instagram Stories all still at play, it’s highly likely that Instagram will move towards a more unified approach. Obviously this new format is currently in test mode, but now that we’ve seen it, it doesn’t feel like too much of a stretch to have a single feed that brings together feed videos, Reels, and stories.

Trend no.3: Creator-led Commerce Will Change the Way We Shop

If you thought Instagram was turning into a shopping platform, get ready, because you haven’t seen anything yet. Creator-led shopping is about to go mainstream. In 2022, Instagram will be rolling out their native creator affiliate program more widely, which will provide a significant monetary incentive for influencers of all sizes to sell products on behalf of brands. The introduction of affiliate (or “commission-based”) revenue on Instagram removes the need for complex agreements and contracts, making influencer marketing on the app much easier for everyone to get involved in. And that’s not all. Instagram is set to make “Creator Shops” available to more users on the platform, providing a new destination for influencers and creators to showcase products from brands they love (while earning commission from the sales they inspire).

Trend no.4: The Rise of Brand Personalities

Instagram now is not just solely for sharing aesthetically-pleasing pictures. Now, the app is home to something much more impactful: community and conversation. That’s right, Instagram is putting the “social” back in social media. So for brands and creators means it’s time to bring your personality to the table. Whether that means showing up on Instagram Stories, bringing your voice to your Instagram captions, or getting creative on camera for Instagram Reels. As a result, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with our most tapped-in followers – building a stronger sense of community and encouraging engagement.

Trend no.5: Video Memes Will Reign Supreme

Memes will forever be a recipe for instant success but in 2022, video memes are where it’s at on Instagram. Video memes are just like static memes. They are something abstract, funny, or cute paired with a relatable sentiment but in a more dynamic and engaging format. Video memes allow for the jokes to go a little deeper and for more story to be told with the format. It also keeps your audience on the post for longer, waiting for the next piece of relatability. As Instagram continues to prioritize short-form videos above all other formats, video memes are set to be one hot ticket for viral success.

Trend no.6: New and Improved Community Engagement Features

And the last trend comes to conversation prompts because no one does it quite like Instagram. From emoji reactions to interactive story stickers, Instagram knows how to drive conversation and build community. This is one advantage they’re not going to compromise in 2022. Experts predict that engagement-driving stickers (such as the Question sticker) will enter the Reels chat. Additionally, they anticipate that comment replies will become more engaging and interactive, with the ability to reply via a video or a voice note. In conclusion if you are still thinking of Instagram as a photo-sharing platform, you really should change your mind, because things have changed in a BIG way. Instagram is an immersive communication channel, and if you want to succeed in 2022, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and let your personality shine. The more dynamic, personal, and engaging your content is, the better it will response on Instagram.

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