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As technology continues to evolve at an astonishing rate we are sure you have already mastered some AI tools and incorporated them into your workflow. But what about the tools that can make your everyday life much easier?

In this article we have dug deep into the AI world and brought out the 5 coolest AI tools that will provide you with all the answers you need to solve any problem. The best part is that they are ready to go and you can make them totally personalized, by which they’ll provide you with even more context!

YouAi your one-stop shop for AI tools

YouAi offers community-built personalized AI tools that will provide you with the answers you need to solve all your problems. As the company says “YouAi is a mind indexer. It lets you digitize your mind.” Wow, but what does this really mean? By answering a few questions, this tool will become personalized and enable you to experience personalized assistance. Cool right? 

The variety of community built AI’s offered for free or for small fee on their website is amazing. You can find the perfect tool you need at the moment by searching in categories like “Content & writing”, “Business”, “Education”, “Parents”, “Travel” … Below we have presented some of the most interesting ones. 

1. The Learning Machine

Looking to learn something new? Interested in learning more about a specific topic? Just ask the learning machine for a personalized lesson based on your interest and knowledge level. 

The Learning machine AI tool

2. Book Recommender  

Are you an avid reader or you want to find a specific book tailored to your taste? Expand your literary knowledge by getting personalized book recommendations. Learn about the authors, characters, and best book stores near you.

Book recommender AI tool

3. Wine Guide

Do you enjoy traveling and experiencing new things? Then this AI tool is perfect for you! Wine Guide helps you explore wines and vineyards near you. Cheers to new experiences! 

4. CSS Wizzard

Got a layout that is driving you nuts? Or just want to up your design mojo? Newbies and code ninjas will love this tool! Address layout challenges, get optimization suggestions and deepen your understanding of CSS.

CSS Wizzard AI tool

5. Meal Planner

Like food but hate meal planning? Let your AI take care of it! Get full meal plans, tips for eating out, and more.

Meal planner AI tool

A sea of endless possibilities with AI tools

With this article we want to encourage you to dive deep into the AI world and explore the new tools out there. AI is no longer the domain of tech experts, in fact it has seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. So why not use it to make tasks easier and more efficient? We gave you just a few examples, but don’t stop here. With new AIs being added every day by the YouAi community, you’ll be sure to find the right AI app for your specific need. Embrace the AI revolution, and let it work for you! 😉

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