TikTok and Instagram: Using both platforms for ultimate success.

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Barbara Potrč,

Today, we are going to talk about two social media platforms that are most popular at the time: Instagram and TikTok. We will give you some hints on how to do successful marketing on those platforms.

As TikTok grows in popularity, brands need to know how to integrate the platform into their marketing strategy while recognizing what makes it unique.

If you’re searching for the opportunity to bounce back from the pandemic and get your brand out there, social media is the answer.

Two social media giants have seen usage spike significantly. Instagram is a well-established platform we all know and love. It reaches 1 billion users monthly, bringing your brand a large audience and vast engagement opportunities. TikTok is the cross-culture trendsetter and fastest-growing social media app, with a mind-blowing number of 689 million monthly active users. It creates a whole new perspective on “influencer marketing” and has brought an in-shop experience to the table, expanding the possibilities in the world of e-commerce. No platform has seen such a meteoric growth in viewership quite like TikTok, winning over users with its engaging, uplifting and relatable content where anyone can become a star overnight — with or without followers. But for the sake of your growth and marketing success, you need to have a presence on both platforms to reach a wider audience.

Who is your target?

First, you have to think about where your audience is more likely to be. Is it with TikTok’s naturally unpolished shots or Instagram’s carefully crafted, slick content that has been perfected down to the last detail? Don’t jump into creating an account without a strategy and sussing out your audience. If you are looking to tap into a younger audience, TikTok is notoriously known to be associated with Gen Z and millennials. However, its users are aging up, with over 50 % older than 30. The biggest misconception is that TikTok’s audience is not right for your brand, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) marketing world due to users being too young. B2B businesses have a massive opportunity on TikTok that many competitors probably haven’t tapped into yet. Even if your target demographic isn’t currently Gen Z, it will likely be in the future. Business-to-consumer (B2C) brands have also quickly jumped aboard to create viral content, and it is looking like a great tool for B2B marketers as well.

TikTok + Instagram

If you leverage TikTok’s benefits alongside Instagram, which still holds over 1 billion users, ensuring a holistic audience range, you are in for a treat. A great example is European airline Ryanair, with 1.5 million followers on TikTok alongside a whopping 794,000 on Instagram (as of January 2022). The airline use humor to increase engagement and brand presence. Whereas some brands on TikTok go all-out with impressive videography and seamless editing, Ryanair’s minimalist approach following TikTok trends is arguably more effective. Check it out!

Looking for brand awareness?

If you are looking for brand awareness and visibility, TikTok may be the best way to generate organic impressions due to the nature of the platform — its algorithm rewards content above everything else. On Instagram there is no single algorithmic rule that explains how users explore content. But through using Feed, Explore or Reels, Instagram creates a pipeline of algorithms based on interaction patterns like comments, likes, shares and video views. Instead, TikTok’s “For You” feed is based on three different factors: user interactions, video information and device account settings. On TikTok, you don’t need to build a large follower network to get noticed. If you are a small startup, the potential of going viral without many resources is much higher on TikTok than on Instagram, where building a follower base is a slower process. Plus, content that goes viral on TikTok can easily be migrated onto other platforms too.

If you are looking to build brand reputation, you want to fill your content with people who are thought leaders in the influencer space, most of whom are on Instagram. But partnering with TikTok creators is still vital for product launches in order to to engage interested followers and create a community around your brand.

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