From an Idea to the New Business: Website Launch & Brand Building 

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Before we wrap up the year we would like to share one more success story with you. We are excited to announce another website launch! Zing is proof that childhood dreams can come true and that hard work is always rewarded with success. We couldn’t be more happy to be a part of such a “pawesome” story! 😊

So, how do you get from an idea to a new business? Read the article and find out. 

How to build a brand 

No matter what your product or service is, you need to build your brand. A brand is an intangible concept that gives any new business a distinctive identity, helping customers recognize it. 

Before you start building a brand you need to know what are your goals and values. Zing’s purpose is to provide a safe and fun experience for dogs when their owners are away or don’t have time to walk them. The vision statement and goals are established based on that as well. 

Who are you targeting & how? 

Target customers 

Knowing your customers is the crucial step when developing a new business. Conduct a research to determine the user persona, or even better, find a niche that you will target. In our case the niche was very specific – dog owners in need of some extra hand. 

Competitors analysis 

Analyze the competition to find gaps and explore new opportunities. For a small market like Slovenian it is easier to detect success stories and find ways of improving existing weaknesses, or coming up with a completely new business idea. 

Brand positioning

What makes your brand stand out? Zing’s UVP (unique value proposition) is an excellent service that goes hand in hand with an enjoyable experience. 

Brand identity 

The next step is defining your brand identity. This includes developing your name, logo, visual style and brand essence. The foundation of the brand is the story behind it, that is the source of inspiration for all identity elements.

Zing logo

Design the brand’s visual identity 

Brandbook is a set of guidelines that set the standard and rules of how a brand’s visual identity should be used. It helps to keep consistency across all marketing channels. 

Develop the messaging 

Once you establish your brand identity, you’ll need to develop a consistent messaging strategy. This includes the tone and voice that resonates with your target audience.

Establish the online presence  

Website launch

Every business needs a website to establish a solid online presence and credibility. There are some basic content types every new website should include, presented on the case of Zing:

Homepage: informs visitors about Zing’s products. 
About page: tells a story about Zing and its founder.
Testimonials: social proof and UGC in the form of positive reviews by customers.
Product page: explaining the details of the service (prices of dog walks …)
Contact page: basic contact information and lead generation form.  

Zing homepage

Plan the content on social media channels

Once you establish the messaging and the website is launched, you need to connect with your audience. Social media is the best channel for building brand awareness, contact customers and drive traffic to your website. 

There is a lot of tips & tricks of social media marketing that we described in this article.

Together with the website launch we took over Zing’s social media channels as well. With some pawesome designs, color scheme from the brand guide and mix of informative & entertaining content we established a social media presence and the profile is gaining new followers every day. 

posts planning
Instagram posts planning

Integrate the brand across all channels & Final Steps 

1. Last but not least – be consistent. This is a very important piece of advice for every new business. 

2. Brand name, logo and typography should be appearing throughout the website, along with the social media. Stick with color palettes from the brandbook to reinforce brand identity. 

3. Use simple layouts, readable fonts and concise copy. We wrote more about how to create an attractive image on social media and improve engagement here.

4. Use the power of UGC – user testimonials are crucial for the success of any new business more than ever. Post customers’ reviews on your website and share it on social media! 

5. Optimize your website. After we help the client design and launch the website it is important to follow our guidelines on how to promote it and integrate all channels. Implement SEO (search engine optimization) for your new website to rank higher and gain more organic traffic. 

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