7 Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2023 

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7 best digital marketing trends of 2023

New year, new trends, new rules to play by. Digital marketing changes with the speed of light and if you want to stay on top in this fast-paced world, you need to be one step ahead of the competitors and your clients.

Here is our guide of the 7 best digital marketing trends of 2023 that will help you kick this year off with a bang!

Why is keeping an eye on digital marketing trends so important?

It is extremely important to have an overview of the trends for the year ahead of us when we are about to set new marketing strategies and goals.

This way you will already have in mind the most important tactics and implement them easier later. 

What are your goals for 2023? 

In order to help you achieve them, we have done some research and selected 7 best digital marketing trends of 2023 to follow. 

1. The power of influencers – this digital marketing trend is not going anywhere

Influencer marketing was already on the rise in 2022, and as the research showed 89 % of marketers will maintain or increase their investments this year.

Percentage of marketing investments in influencers in 2023.

Why is influencer marketing so important?

This type of collaboration has a huge impact on brand awareness – yet, this might be tricky. You really need to choose a content creator that will represent your brand in the right way and vice versa. 

If you pick right – hooray, prepare to gain new fans from their audience! 

There is another trend on the rise and it is going to make you happy if you can’t really afford someone with millions of followers. 

Micro-influencers are social media promoters with a smaller base, usually in a more niche industry, but have a very loyal audience. So if their engagement is on point, you can’t go wrong.

2. Content is still the king!

Quality content is really what matters and this will not change with any new year. More and more companies are aware that content is what brings that added value for their clients.

Use good content to actually gain the interest of your audience. Later on you can focus on relationship building

A quote saying that a few loyal followers can help your business grow more than a thousand inactive ones.

Content is also a great way to build community around your brand. Word of mouth carried on in a digital world is your winning combination for organic growth. 

  • The best content types to use in 2023:
    video: short-form video remains the top marketing content format.
    infographics: the format with a great shareability.
    case studies: the best content type for building brand credibility. 
    e-books & webinars: best way to generate leads.

3. If content is the king, video is the queen 

If the previous year was a trial period for us to learn how to use reels and make TikTok videos, 2023 is the real deal. 

The power of video is going to keep on engaging customers, and brands will continue to invest greatly in YouTube, TikTok and Instagram

Besides short-form videos, live streaming is becoming more popular as it allows you to build closer relationships with customers and helps them gain trust. Show behind the scenes of your every day and the audience is going to love you. 😉 

A chart showing the percentage of the most common video types.

4. Customer service? Let’s talk on social media  

This trend is also on the rise as brands need to be in close contact with their customers more than ever. Majority of marketers already explored the DM’s (direct messages) for customer support, yet this digital marketing trend goes hand in hand with the importance of e-commerce on Facebook and Instagram.

5. The mighty power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From conversational marketing to AI based product suggestions, integrating some aspects of AI in your marketing strategies will be crucial for improving communication and workflow, as well as reaching your target audience more effectively in 2023. 

  • Augmented reality (AR)
    Augmented reality (AR) is already making waves in marketing, and it will only become more important in 2023. It allows you to create interactive, immersive experiences that engage customers in a totally new way. By leveraging AR, you can create unique experiences that are tailored to each customer.
  • AI-powered personalization
    In 2023 the individual customer is what matters. Businesses who will use the advantages of AI and offer a personalized value to the customers, based on the real-time data insights and detect their needs, wants and preferences, will be the ones who will stand out in the market.

Besides the already widely used AI technologies we can expect some new awesome tools to prevail in the world of digital marketing. One of them is currently among the most powerful tools.

  • ChatGPT
    Is an automated chatbot by OpenAI that interacts with you in a conversational way. The dialogue format allows it to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes or reject inappropriate requests. If you use it properly it can be a great asset for optimising your workflow and make some parts of your job quite easier. 😉
  • DALL-E 
    Among other similar tools already on the market, Dall-e is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.
ChatGPT official guidelines

6. Omnichannel Marketing   

Using a holistic strategy that integrates customer experience across all channels and touchpoints helps brands build stronger relationships with their customers and drive more sales by engaging them in different channels. 

This practice goes hand in hand with personalization of customer service and communicating with them based on the data and analytics.

7. SEO practices still in the rise

Based on the Hubspot research, 61 % marketers say improving SEO (Search engine optimization) to grow their organic online presence is their top inbound marketing priority. 

A quote saying that for 61 % of marketers improving SEO to grow their organic presence is one of their top priorities in 2023.

How will you improve your SEO in 2023? 

Here are some helpful tactics: 

  • You can start with keyword research and optimization.
  • Blogs provide better search discoverability.
  • Optimize all videos and images on your website.

To wrap it up 

As marketers continue to experiment with new technologies, the opportunities for marketing growth will only continue to expand. We hope this overview of the best digital marketing trends of 2023 helps you in achieving your goals. 

Just remember to always stay on top of the latest trends and remain open for changes & growth! 🙂 

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