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Kaja Jablanovec, 5. 12. 2022 

Today we wanted to talk about a topic that is often overlooked in the busy marketing world – company values. Their importance for business is enormous and if you still didn’t establish yours, now is a good chance to start.

It will take you less than 5 minutes to read the full article and find out what are the 10 core values for marketing teams, why they are so important and how to implement them!  

What are team values and why are they important 

Every team consists of several or more people working together towards a shared goal. As every individual is unique, the team needs something to bring all of them together.

Values usually work as an anchor that drives everyone to the common ground.

Stated differently, core values are deeply held beliefs that guide peoples’ actions and behaviors. So if you want your employees to be more flexible, you can put this as your core value and their actions towards the customers or work schedule should reflect it. 

An interesting research showed that corporate values matter to employees to the extent of being prepared to follow the group rules or not. If people share moral values with the group, they tend to like to work there more.

How to identify your team values

Now we know that team values are very important, especially for leaders. So you might want to spend some time to find that common ground with your colleagues and establish some core values! 

But how to start? 
Instead of just Googling “best values for marketing teams” why don’t you sit down with your team and discuss what matters to them. Give everyone a chance to speak. 

Here are some questions that might help detect your team values:

– What drives you to work in this team?
– How is this team different from other teams?
– What kind of behavior motivates you? 

All you have to do now is find some common themes, write them down and let them inspire your values!

List of KO team core values 

Every team eventually develops their own values and beliefs they want to be following. And so did we! You can see our “list” below. 


Solely putting down the name of the value, it is still just a puzzle of letters. For the word to mean something to everyone in the organization, you need to understand what is behind those letters.

1. Transparency

Transparency equals success. Transparency is the backbone of our small team since ideas just flow around the office. Trust can only come from communication on a daily basis and this is what matters to us. 

2. Innovation

We are an outside of the box thinkers that always search for new challenges and come up with Original solutions for them. We push the limits with our growth-mindset.

3. Team Work

When we are solving the problems together, we crack even the hardest nuts. Our office is a court and we are in the same team, so bring on your game! 

4. Growth

If you work in marketing you know that nothing is going to happen if growth is not on your core values list. Why? Simply because it is the basics of anything you want to do with your team and it should lead you in the right direction – up & further. 

5. Respect 

In our small team we respect what everyone brings to the table. Only through supporting each other are we able to grow in the way that we want to.

6. Trust

We can be flexible at work because we trust each other. Especially for startups this is one of the most important values. We work as one, we think as one and we have fun as one. 

7. Agility

Success lies in our ability to challenge the norms and push boundaries. You can only thrive in an constantly changing environment if you learn how to own it. 

8. Sustainability

We are joining the biggest businesses around the globe in embracing the benefits of sustainable practices. We spend less time driving to the office and more time working from home, spending time in nature and feeling better!

Last but not least …  

We would like to add two more important values that are nice to be encouraged in a working environment. First one is passion and the second one is listening

9. Passion 

If people are not really passionate about what they do, sometimes even the greatest team might not perform the best. Passion can be found in the smallest things, but it is a great fuel for your team to skyrocket! 

10. Listening 

Listening goes hand in hand with learning. To be able to grow you must be able to learn, and for that you have to know how to listen to other people. 

This shows that all of the core values are interconnected and they can only guide our daily workflow if they become integrated into the company’s culture.

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